Still more comments!

Dan, The new belt is one word...perfect! Cheers, Scott

Hi Dan,

I received the passport wallet on Saturday, a nice surprise upon returning for a business trip Saturday night... AND IT LOOKS AND FITS GREAT. I could not be more pleased (again of course) at the quality and beauty. Timing is good also as i did need a larger one. Overall thanks for who you are and what you create.

Alejandro, Boise Idaho

Hi Dan. Glad to know my wallet is on its way soon. I actually first saw your products about 14 or so years ago when i was a grad student at UW. Likely at the a Summer Street Market on the Ave. I bought one for my dad 5-6 years ago ... and he loves it. At the time I had a fully functional wallet ... that lasted until this summer when i lost it while living in Shanghai. Now I finally have an excuse to get a Hippo wallet! Curious if you had an update on when my wallet would ship? My current wallet is a small ziploc bag Cheers and thanks,


Dear Mr. Groussman,

I stumbled upon your beautiful craft work at the Ore. Country Fair with my husband. He was totally taken by your work and almost bought for himself the six ring binder. It has come time for his birthday and he is really tough to buy for and it is hard to get him something truly meaningful as well. I know he would chuck his planner in a minute for one your fine pieces. I wanted to buy that day but had no way of making a purchase without Nils finding the gift.


Hi Dan,

I just wanted to let you know I received my organizer yesterday and love it. The workmanship is superb. Thank you.


Hi Dan, I am going to use the Hippo book I ordered for our family scrapbook. Pictures and text inside your beautiful craftsmanship should make for a very special package. Do you think the book will work well for a scrapbook?

Thanks for the wonderful stuff that is a part of my life. I love all my Hippo items, not many things in life just get better everyday, but everything you make does.

Talk to you soon,

Eugene, Oregon


Great to see you at the fair, my 19th in 21 years. I am very excited about having my lost journal replaced, you are such a great craftsman, and thanks for adding the ā€œDā€ rings.



The satchel is wonderful! Thank you for your amazing craftsmanship. I was wondering if it has been waterproofed or if we need to do that.



I had ordered a wallet from you a few years back, and I really liked it. So I thought it might be a good time to order a new one. Your work really wears well over time. Thank you again and keep up the good work. I look forward to my new wallet!!

Thank you,

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