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Hippo Celebrates 25 Years at Fremont Sunday Market!

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Spring of 2012 brings Hippo's presence at the Fremont Sunday Market to twenty-five years! "It's part business and part reunion these days," says artisan Daniel Groussman, noting how many return customers he gets to see regularly, "I'm lucky to have so many wonderful people to hang with every Sunday - is 'work' supposed to be this fun?" Come down to the Market on select Sundays between 10 and 5 (10-4 Nov and Dec) and say hello to Dan, check out his latest work, and peruse the rest of the Market's interesting sights!  You can find him there between April and the end of December, on Sundays - of course.  Feel free to contact him to verify his attendance...he's not there every Sunday:  mail(at)

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Oregon Country Fair !

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Every year for 25 years, Dan has displayed his hand-stitched goods at the world famous Oregon Country Fair, held just outside of lovely Veneta, Oregon, second weekend of July.  He'll be there with oodles of super-nice handmade leather goods, in booth L-04.  His booth is near the entrance, next to Ritta's Burritos, across from Jill's Crossing on Star Lane.  Hours are 11am to 7pm daily, rain or shine.  Stop by and either pick out something nice for yourself, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or order a custom item from his vast array of leather and hardware choices.  He's looking forward to seeing you there!

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Groussman Out-Stitches Everest!

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Leather artisan Daniel Groussman stitches his creations without using a single machine - only his hands and some simple hand tools.  Stitching one stitch at a time, he estimates that during the course of his craft career that he's executed roughly three million stitches - about 30,000 feet* of hand-hemmed edges on his leather works. That means that sometime during the last year, Groussman's stitches have exceeded the height of Everest's peak, at 29,028 feet above sea level.  While humbled by this impressive achievement, Groussman doesn't plan on stopping his stitching momentum any time soon.  What next? - Groussman plans on stitching his first 10k in the next year or two!

*UPDATE:  as of this writing in June 2017, Dan estimates another 15,000 feet of stitching!, that's half way back down from the Everest Peak.  Stay tuned for further stitch-trekking updates!

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