The Hippo Purse

The Hippo Purse

The Hippo Purse


The Hippo Purse: Both of my purse designs preserve my "big buckle-rounded corner" design theme, but in a compact size. Small but tough, they carry your daily essentials while slung over your shoulder. Please indicate strap length and buckle choice when ordering. Straps are adjustable by 5".

Two sizes:
- Small: 5"x7"x2.5" - $365.00
- Medium: 7"x10"x3" - $490.00

Lifetime warranty.

See 'em in closeup! Magnify
See 'em in closeup! Magnify
How do I choose my strap size?

To find the shoulder strap length for satchels and purses, use one of your own purses or shoulder bags for reference. Measure from one end of the strap (where the strap connects to the bag) up and over your shoulder and down the other side to the place where the strap connects to the other side of the bag. This length is your shoulder strap length. It is usually in the high 40" to low 50". You may also indicate an individual's height in the event that you are ordering a strap length for someone else. All my straps are adjustable by 5" to 8".


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